Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Homemade Hedgehog Cage I'm Getting A Hedgehog Soon, But What Would Be The BEST Cage Idea?

I'm getting a hedgehog soon, but what would be the BEST cage idea? - homemade hedgehog cage

I want a cage that is comfortable ontop of a hairdresser who is the 30inx24. I have heard of Walmart cavy cages you can do, and use clear Rubbermaid, and only with normal rabbit or guinea pig cage.
I have even been to the places where they sell homemade cages in order, but I live in Canada and the pages are located in the USA! Please help! That the cage is the BEST! If you have suggestions, please reply!

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  1. Save cages aquariums, Rubbermaid, C & C and crates models are perfectly acceptable for hedgehogs. The division has never been a real problem, the roof remained uncovered or protected by a screen and the walls are less than 2 "tall. Air is running and not having to worry about ventilation.

    In terms of costs, increase Rubbermaid containers safely. They are cheap and very effective, but also the ability to change or "renewal" because you can get more rooms, which are connected by PVC pipes. The next one is the C & C cage (or cages guinea pigs), also very economical and modifiable.

    The hedgehog Many fans prefer the cages C & C for pricing and aesthetic value. C & C cages professional look, consider that many Rubbermaid containers, so that when you sit on the screen, then you can use this option. I'm in Canada, and (South-Eastern Ontario) and it took a while to a place that sold the buckets at a fair price. My dream is to one day convert it to my C & CCages in the series a uniform and professional appearance, but now it gives me very well.

    As for the house, I saw myself as well. Believe me, however, are expensive and not often get what you pay for. You can wait to build a very nice C & C cage to deposit money and then for all that the cage and shipping costs and a disappointment.

    I think my real answer, of course, is that we have to consider what is most important. I prefer C & C Rubbermaid For price and ease of cleaning, but still love the look of the cages of C & C. I was told. The best part is that if you buy a Rubbermaid and disappointment, a decrease of only about $ 12 plus a Rubbermaid still be useful, or extra accessories Hedgehog shop.

    Good luck!